hydro2Hydroseeding is an innovative solution to erosion control, grass seeding, re-vegetation, dust control, reclamation, or landscaping and can be used in all types of applications. Hydroseeding is a process of spraying a mixture of grass seed, soil amendments and fertilizer, tackifier, wood fibre mulch and water onto designated soil areas.

Hydroseeding is an exceptional choice for many different types of projects, including: residential and commercial grass seeding, slope protection and ditch erosion control, and site reclamation. Hydroseeding is a fast, easy and economical alternative to all of the listed applications.

Finn Construction uses Flexterra High Performance – Flexible Growth Medium as the main component of the hydroseeding mixture for erosion control projects. This product is a superior erosion control product and bonds directly to the soil immediately upon application. Flexterra Growth Medium has greater biomass production than any rolled erosion control blanket and also establishes vegetation. Hydroseeding using this Flexterra product therefore allows for significantly quicker erosion control treatment and is an exceptional alternative to traditional erosion control applications. Hydroseeding is ideal for slope remediation or slope protection adjacent to roads and highways, or near streams and creeks. Hydroseeding mixtures can use any combination of grass seed along with the Flexterra Product to establish any desired grass-vegetation result.